Performance + Technology = OB

OB Cues is an industry leader in technology driven performance with our patented Ultra Low Cue Ball Deflection design.



What is performance in a pool cue? At OB, we define performance in 4 categories:

Feel is a very important aspect to the performance of a pool cue. Whether the cue delivers a soft quiet hit, or a firm stiff hit with more sound, it has to be what the player likes and is comfortable with. At OB we offer both types of hit while maintaining all our other high performance characteristics.

Accuracy is obviously important in pool cue performance. To improve the accuracy of our pool cues, we employ our patented Ultra Low Cue Ball Deflection technology. Ultra Low Cue Ball Deflection allows the player to aim more accurately because he doesn’t have to compensate for a large amount of cue ball squirt on side spin shots. Less adjustment means more pocketed balls.

Consistency in cue performance comes from construction methods and proper materials. Our SR-6 shaft construction combined with the best materials means the ultimate in consistency with all OB Shafts and Cues.

Spin is a very important part of pool cue performance. A cue needs to be able to spin the cue ball, but control is also very important. The Ultra Low Cue Ball Deflection characteristics of our shafts automatically provides for improved cue ball spin, while the specially designed tapers give our cue shafts a stiffer center section for added control.


OB is at the forefront in pool cue and shaft technology and design. So much so that many of our designs are protected by patents in the US and abroad.

Ultra Low Cue Ball Deflection is a direct result of “Tip End Mass”. The higher the tip end mass, the higher the cue ball squirt. OB shafts have significantly reduced tip end mass to give extremely low cue ball deflection. We accomplish this through a combination of design and materials. Our OB-1 and OB-2 shafts use a laminated maple ferrule and very low mass materials on the inside of the tip end of the shaft. The OB Classic and OB Pro use a short, thin wall thermoplastic ferrule combined with very low mass materials on the inside. The effect of both designs is very low tip end mass for extremely low cue ball deflection.

At OB, our SR-6 shaft construction is state of the art. SR-6 stands for Stress Relieved, 6 segments. We start with strips of flat laminated maple. These strips are turned round “between centers”, which is the best method to relieve stress. Basically, the stress relieving process ensures that each individual segment is not only straight, but also free of stress which could cause it to bend or warp later. These 6 segments are machined and assembled into our shaft blank. When the tapering begins, the OB shaft is already stress relieved, helping to make sure it stays straight.

How do you judge performance in a pool cue? After all, cues all do the same thing right? Wrong! Performance in a pool cue can be broken down into two categories. Things you can easily see like cue ball squirt or deflection and how much spin you get on the cue ball, and things you can’t really see but just feel, like how hard or soft the hit is or how much vibration you feel or hear.

It’s easy to see the low cue ball deflection and efficient spin in an OB Shaft or OB Cue.