When we go to a big event or show and let players hit with our cues and shafts the most common comment we hear is “I love the way it feels”. We actually find that comments about the exceptional feel are even more common than those about the low cue ball deflection.

Exceptional feel is not by accident. To start with, we offer 2 distinctly different types or styles of feel. We didn’t have this at first, but after listening to those very same players, we decided to develop a second line of shafts designed for those who like a firm crisp hit.

The OB-1+ and OB-2+ feature a soft quiet hit. We actually use a silicone rubber core down the center to dampen or quiet excessive noise. If you like a softer hit without the “ping” when you hit the cue ball, then this is the cue shaft for you.

The OB Classic+ and OB Pro+ shafts are at the other end of the spectrum. In these shafts we combined our unique 4+ construction with a solid maple center to give the player a firm, crisp hit with that “Ping” sound to it. If you like a stiff hitting shaft, then the OB Classic+ and OB Pro+ have what you are looking for.

Try one for yourself today if you are ready to get serious about your game.