The patented design of OB+ shafts provides for an extremely consistent hit. When the shaft performs the same way every time, confidence is easy. You just know what it’s going to do.

OB+ shafts are constructed using four very unique segments. We call this 4+ construction. Each of these segments are made of a very high grade of North American maple.

OB+ shafts provide for consistent stiffness no matter how you rotate them in your hands. Traditional one piece shafts have grain that run across the cue shaft, or cross grain. Therefore, these shafts will be stiffer when bent against the grain than when bent along the grain. You will get varying stiffness depending on how the cue shaft is rotated. Not so with an OB+ shaft.

Straighter, more stable shafts play more consistently, which leads to more confidence, and everyone plays better when they’re more confident.