Which OB Shaft Should I Choose?

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Probably the number one question we get asked more than any other is which shaft should I choose? Well fear not, we have answers for you.

First you should decide which tip size do you want. 

Our OB Carbon shafts come standard in the following sizes:

12.8mm to 12.4mm
OB-1 Carbon and OB Classic Carbon

12.3mm to 11.9mm
OB-3 Carbon and OB-4 Carbon

11.8mm to 11.4mm
OB-2 Carbon and OB Pro Carbon

Our OB Plus shafts come standard in the following sizes:

OB-2+ and OB Pro+

OB-1+ and OB Classic+

OB XL+ and OB XL Classic+

Second you should decide on the ‘hit’ of the shaft that you think you would prefer. We are unique among Low Deflection Shaft manufacturers in that we can offer two very distinctly different ‘hits’ due to the laminated maple ferrule option that we offer as well as our unique interior technology in our shaft construction. Here are your choices when it comes to the hit:

OB-1+, OB-2+OB XL+
Soft/Quiet Hitting Shaft with our patented laminated maple ferrule and carbon fiber pad.

OB Classic+, OB Pro+, OB XL Classic+
Firm/Crisp Hitting Shaft with a more conventional white linen melamine ferrule and carbon fiber pad.

Third thing to consider is which category of shaft you would like to purchase. We currently offer 4 options for you:

OB Carbon Shafts
Our #1 Quality Shaft. The best looking, best performing, best feeling OB Shaft we have ever made. A perfect marriage between old school (wood) and new school (carbon fiber) with an industry leading lifetime warranty against warpage.
$399 Each

OB Plus Shafts 
Our #2 Quality Shaft. 4 piece laminated maple low deflection with a lifetime warranty against warpage.
$219.30 Each

1st Generation OB Shafts
Previously discontinued but now back for a limited time, the shafts that our company was built on.
$164.50 Each

Blem OB Plus Shafts
Blem plus shafts have cosmetic imperfections but have the same warranty and performance as our #2 quality OB Plus Shafts.
$149 Each

Note that we offer our shafts in many different joint types. Here are 8 of the most popular joint types that we offer:


UniLoc Quick Release




Pechauer Pro Series

Viking Quick Release


Hopefully now you have a much better idea of which shaft may be right for you. If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at sales@obcues.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.