DigiCue Warranty

The DigiCue has a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects (not including abuse).

The DigiCue warranty is to the original owner of the product only.

DigiCue product registration is required within 90 days of purchase and should be completed on our website HERE. Failure to fully complete the product registration in a timely fashion may void your warranty.

Things that may void the warranty:

  • Not completing product registration within 90 days of purchase.
  • Buying a DigiCue on the secondary market will void the warranty.
  • If you hit the butt of your cue very hard onto the floor it is possible that you could break the DigiCue. If this happens it will void the warranty.
  • If you install the battery backwards it is possible you could damage the DigiCue circuit so this would void the warranty. Please install the battery positive (+) side up.
  • If you attempt to operate the DigiCue in temperatures colder than -22F (-30C) or in temperatures warmer than 140F (60C) it could damage the DigiCue and then the warranty would be void. 
  • DO NOT attempt to remove the DigiCue by pushing up from the very bottom of the rubber housing as this could damage the DigiCue and void the warranty. For a video on how to remove the DigiCue correctly, see HERE
  • If you use the DigiCue in any way other than the intended use, the warranty will be void.

In the event that you have an issue with your DigiCue and you would like to return it to us for inspection, it must be returned with our product return form which can be found HERE.

Once we receive your DigiCue with a completed product return form then we will inspect it and make a determination of warranty coverage. All warrantable issues will be repaired if possible. In those circumstances where the warrantable issue is not repairable, the product will be replaced. If the condition is not a warrantable issue, OB will contact the owner with an estimate for repairs, or replacement. In the event OB receives a package with no discernible contact information, the package will be held until claimed. At that time, the item can be considered for determination of warranty coverage.

Please note: If you are returning a DigiCue to us for warranty consideration, you are responsible for the the freight cost to ship the DigiCue back to us.

Our shipping address is:

OB Cues
961 N Ave
Suite 700
Plano, TX 75074

Please note that the letter N in our address is not short for the word north. The avenue (Ave) name is actually “N Ave” and should be typed as “N Ave” or “N Avenue”. If you replace the letter N with the word North or if you type the address as “Ave N” as opposed to “N Ave” then your mail/shipment may not reach us.

Please make sure that you include our product return form inside the box.