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DigiCue BLUE Training Aid with Bluetooth® Technology and iOS and Android Apps

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Product Description

The DigiCue BLUE comes with FREE shipping no matter where you live!

Bluetooth® enabled revolutionary electronic cue training device for improving player performance. Simply slide the DigiCue BLUE onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button and then play your game of choice. This device is like having your own personal coach giving you immediate feedback on every shot that you shoot by alerting you with vibrations when it detects any inconsistencies in your stroke when you hit a ball with your cue and sending that information to your smart phone or tablet and giving you detailed results and stats about multiple aspects of your game.

The DigiCue BLUE will Detect: 

  • Jab strokes
  • Follow through smoothness / acceleration through the cue ball
  • Finish duration
  • Tip steering and direction
  • Straightness of your stroke
  • Finesse
  • Shot interval (time between shots)
  • Backstroke pause duration


• 4 unique settings: beginner, intermediate, advanced and custom modes

• Discreet and lightweight (less than an ounce)

• Can be used when you train/practice and also during competition*

• Comes with two sizes to fit the vast majority of Pool, Snooker, and Billiard cues

• Automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of not hitting a ball to maximize battery life

• Comes with the FREE DigiCue App available for both iOS (Apple) and Android.

• Battery included

• Made in the USA






Click HERE for a list of frequently asked questions about the DigiCue BLUE.

Click HERE for the DigiCue BLUE warranty page.

*Please note that it is quite possible that the DigiCue BLUE may be prohibited by certain leagues or event organizers as it becomes more well-known and that is okay. Remember, it is a training aid designed primarily to be used when you train/practice. It is just a nice bonus that it also works during normal game play. So use it when you train/practice and when you play challenge matches against your friends and it will help you to develop stronger fundamentals.

DigiCue Testimonials:

“As good as I am playing right now, every now and then my stroke gets a little out of line. We all have bad habits that surface from time to time so when I practice with the DigiCue BLUE it immediately lets me know when my stroke is not where it needs to be. When most people think of training aids they think they are only for beginners but I really do believe that the DigiCue BLUE can benefit any player of any skill level.” Jayson Shaw, #2 Ranked Pool Player in the World

“Our instructors at CueSport Billiard Academy have found OB’s DigiCue BLUE to be an exceptional product. In addition to the training regimen we send our students home with, we highly recommend they pick up a DigiCue Blue for added feedback to be stored and viewed on their phones. 5 Stars from CBA!” KJ Williams, Master Instructor, Cuesport Billiard Academy, Peoria, IL

"On the medium setting, I played some games of 9 ball, to see what the DigiCue showed. Alas, it seems I need some work on my stroke delivery. Simple shots, no problem; hard stroke, spin shots, THAT shows the flaws. I can see that with a practice routine which would allow you to replay the shots several times, the device would let you pinpoint the problem, and work on correcting errors in your delivery. I noticed that if I made a very conscious effort to deliver a good stroke, I could really minimize the error vibrations. That was encouraging.Charlie Gould, South Dakota

"On the first setting-beginner- I hit about 5 or 6 straight in shots with only stop and mild follow; it didn't vibrate at all. Then I purposefully stood up on my stroke and it went off. On the same level; it did vibrate on a couple draw shots and a few with sidespin. On this level I was able to concentrate and keep it from vibrating on long follow and most draw shots. But, anything more than a tip to tip and a half of side spin and it vibrated most of the time. Now I know what to work on. I tried the next level and had about the same results. But, I think I was paying more attention to my stroke and follow thru. So far, I like it. I've been reading some comments that it really doesn't have the capability to connect to a device to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong or give a chart; but I think its main objective is to let you know when you did "something" wrong. It's really up to the shooter to try the same shot again and concentrate on the fundamentals to eliminate the vibration. Kinda like those electric dog fences. This is a very fun tool." Dave Suarez, New Jersey

"I received the DigiCue this week and tried it out. I played with it mostly set on intermediate. Center ball, follow or draw were no problem, the DigiCue stayed "quiet". When I attempted some longer shots with inside or outside english it vibrated more than I'd thought it would. There were also some strokes that felt very good to me and yet it vibrated. Mostly the vibration was late, I tend to move at the end of my stroke. Initially, before receiving and trying the device out, I was disappointed that there is no indication for what type of flaw was detected. I now think that it is fine as is. The slight vibration saying there was a stroke error is enough for me. It forces you to feel your body a bit more and think of the whole stroke, including finish. I purposely jabbed and/or muscled a few strokes and the response was immediate. Slowing down and being very conscious of having a fluid stroke resulted in a few balls hanging up in the jaws. These were balls I'd normally make, so I must be steering a bit." Dave Monahan, New York

"It is a fantastic tool to improve your game at a very reasonable price. I think it is a well made product and a fantastic training aide. The Digicue would vibrate when I faltered somehow in my stroke, I was able to figure out what I was doing incorrectly and solve the problem. For those concerned about the Digicue causing any damage to your cues I just do not see how that would be possible. Like OB claims you just slip on to the end of your cue. The Digicue appears to be made from a nice flexible silicon rubber that is memory resistant and soft, it is not a hard, stiff rubber piece. Since it slips on to the butt of the cue I was a little concerened about bouncing my cue on the floor, something I frequently do but I am aware of it because I also own a bumperless cue so it was not difficult for me to adjust." Bob Faestel, Wisconsin

"Since converting to American Pool after years of playing English Pool and Snooker, I had heard of many different ways to train your stroke with the most popular one being to cue into a coke/wine bottleneck. So I tried it and it was great, however something was missing and I didn't feel as if it translated into my practice/match game. Now using the OB DigiCue, I get to play a full rack both in practice and in Tournament with instant feedback via the butt of the playing cue. Any issue with my stroke is picked up and I can correct it with the very next shot. It's a revolutionary step/change from the old analogue system into the new digital age that Billiards has been waiting for." Del Sim-Pro Player, New York

"The DigiCue is like having a constant coach with you every time you play. Constantly and silently reminding you to improve your stroke by staying down and following through on every shot. It will improve your focus and renew your desire to improve. You will get better and play better." Joe Tucker-Pro Player, Coach and Billiard Product Inventor, Rhode Island

“DigiCue works great for feedback of the stroke. No in-depth analysis but direct feedback after the stroke which works really fine. I am sure use in practice makes you up the quality of the delivery on a consistent basis. You put it on the butt of the cue and when the delivery is flawed or player moves too quick after the shot, it vibrates, which is Felt clearly.” Alex Lely-Pro Player, Commentator, Journalist, Coach, Netherlands

“I realized that I get a little "jabby" with my draw stroke sometimes and I believe I'm steering my side spin shots a little rather than stroking through on a straight line. I had no idea I was doing this and would have sworn I was stroking straight through so this was very enlightening. Having a tool that really lets you know how your stroke is doing vs just what you think it’s doing is really valuable. I think sometimes we assume things are good enough when we’re making balls but then when we have a bad night we’re not sure why we’re not making balls. The underlying cause is deficiencies in the stroke which lead to inconsistency and some nights of being “on” and others being “off”. Having a stroke training device like this for practice sessions seems incredibly useful to work on building a consistently sound stroke. I see myself using it for practice sessions but leaving it off when playing matches. However, should things fall apart during a match I could see wanting to pull it out to reinforce focusing on stroking properly because that is likely what has broken down on me.” Chris Long, Wisconsin

“From a player point of view, it works perfectly during set, practice shots to really hone in the freeze and still hands. Playing with it on full time, it buzzes if I move my hands prior to 2 seconds or so. That’s a bit disruptive for me. And playing on a bar table, you need to move or else you’ll get hit with an object ball or cueball. Incidentally, the bumper design of the Digicue works as a bumper should. I confess to smacking that bumper when a particular shot went awry... still works! Overall, I think the Digicue is a fantastic idea, and that every instructor should have one or twelve. I’ve commented on what improvements I think could be made, but this released version is no prototype and works as designed. Great job Nathan and the OB team! Fred Agnir-Robotics Engineer and Billiard Journalist, California

“It works perfectly! Thanks again, I will start promoting it in my poolroom.” Thomas Overbeck-Pool Room Owner and 16-year veteran of the WPA, Germany

"I have tested it this weekend for a while, with my students. It is very interesting ;-). I want to sell it in Germany.” Tom Damm-Head Coach of the German National Team in Pool and Snooker, Germany

Warranty Information

The DigiCue BLUE has a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects (not including abuse).

The DigiCue BLUE warranty is to the original owner of the product only.

Things that will void the warranty:

Buying a DigiCue BLUE on the secondary market will void the warranty.

If you hit the butt of your cue very hard onto the floor it is possible that you could break the DigiCue BLUE. If this happens it will void the warranty.

If you install the battery backwards it is possible you could damage the DigiCue BLUE circuit so this would void the warranty. Please install the battery positive (+) side up.

If you attempt to operate the DigiCue BLUE in temperatures colder than -22F (-30C) or in temperatures warmer than 140F (60C) it could damage the DigiCue BLUE and then the warranty would be void.

DO NOT attempt to remove the DigiCue BLUE by pushing up from the very bottom of the rubber housing as this could damage the DigiCue BLUE and void the warranty. For a video on how to remove the DigiCue BLUE correctly, see here:

If you use the DigiCue BLUE in any way other than the intended use, the warranty will be void.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Battery life is very short.

    Posted by Bill on 20th Apr 2018

    Well I like the face this it lets me know when I don't have a smooth stroke but the problem is the battery it does not last very long.

  2. great learning device

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2018

    Since I started use this product in practice my average has gone up. It has helped a beginner like me sharpen my physical game. I has also had my friends shoot with it and it has also helped them when they were not shooting as well as they normally due. Not one thing I can say bad about the BLUE, instant feedback.

  3. Has improved my game, my handi-cap has risen 2 levels since trying

    Posted by Paul on 19th Apr 2018

    I don’t personally own this product, but a friend does. He had let me use it on several occasions. This training aid has help my stroke greatly, it has been a great tool to learn with. Now mentally I know what I need to do to make the shot making more accurate.

  4. how to get a better stroke

    Posted by John on 19th Apr 2018

    I recently purchased a DigiCue Blue training aid from you. I was most impressed at the level of practice that was required in order to make my stroke fall into the acceptable range of this tool. It is the best stroke practice I have ever tried and I have been playing at a high level for years. Thanks for the great training tool.

  5. Still a few bugs to be worked out

    Posted by Jake on 19th Apr 2018

    It's an excellent training aid that has helped me get my stroke closer to where I want it to be, although there will be times that no matter how good or bad my stroke may be it seems there will be times it needs to be restarted. If I'm trying to do an example of what a bad stroke will look like there will be times that everything shows up full green or vice versa trying to show a good stroke no matter how hard I try everything will stay red. However once you figure out how to work around some of the flaws the DigiCue works as it's intended to work. If it wasn't for the small flaws it would get 5 stars

  6. See the issue, fix the issue.

    Posted by Dustin Crowe on 19th Apr 2018

    This gives you the opportunity to actually see the problems in your stroke. To have something that consistently shows you what you're doing wrong is a great tool for any player. See the issue fix the issue. One of the best things I added to my case.

  7. A quality product. Will help you clean up your stroke

    Posted by Michael on 19th Apr 2018

    With the original digicue, you had no idea what you did that was wrong. The app easily defines what you did to make the digicue vibrate. When I first started using this, it went off so frequently that I thought it might be defective, it made me focus on my stroke. Now it rarely goes off at all. Solid product.

  8. Great for juniors and players of all skill levels!

    Posted by Dan Jakubczak on 19th Apr 2018

    Incredible upgrade from the original Digicue. Now I don't have to rely on the player noticing when the Digicue vibrated. I can see instant feedback and show the player how to improve their stroke and track their history.

  9. Changed my game

    Posted by Paul Geis on 18th Apr 2018

    This works great though I had a good stroke until I used this what a wake up call now my stroke is improving so is my game

  10. Excellent product!

    Posted by Keith D on 18th Apr 2018

    Very helpful training tool! The apps (I use both the Apple and Android versions) are great and the sync of data between devices makes tracking progress very easy.

    Highly recommended!

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