OB Rift Rubber Grip Break Cue

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OB Rift Rubber Grip Black Break Cue. More Bang, Less Bucks!

  • Black handle built with a compound taper for more speed
  • Available from 18oz to 21oz in half ounce increments
  • Also available with No Wrap
  • Modified 3/8×10 wood to wood joint
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

This cue also has our unique Centralized Balance System (CBS). CBS allows for our cues to be weighted in way that creates an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated because you end up with custom feel in a production cue.

SHIPPING: Please note that if the cue is listed as in stock then it will ship out within one business day (unless you order a shaft with it that is back ordered). If the cue or shaft are showing as out of stock then placing an order will reserve the cue for you and you can expect it to ship within 4 weeks of the day you place your order.

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Weight 15 oz
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17 reviews for OB Rift Rubber Grip Break Cue

  1. James Reese (verified owner)

    Solid Break Cue
    I bought this break cue when the joint fell apart on my old jump break cue from amazon. Couldn’t be happier. Solid breaks everytime. I like the rubber grip.

  2. Derek K (verified owner)

    Great customer service
    I had a brand new OB Rift Break Cue with the Control shaft. The tip flew off and the ferrule cracked on just my third break. OB repaired the shaft without issue. However, I didn’t want to risk the same thing happening again, so i immediatley sold the cue after it was returned by OB. It was a nice product overall, with excellent customer service.

  3. Ronny Korsmo (verified owner)

    perfect grip and speed
    I love this cue, great speed and perfect grip. the fact that yiu can choose the weight as you go, makes it a perfect choice. the grip gives you a good feel of the break as you dont have to grip it hard to get the speed and power. great choice for any player.

  4. Scott Dlabaja (verified owner)

    Break cue
    Best break cue ever!

  5. B Jennings (verified owner)

    Greatest break stick to date!
    I tried this cue at a tournament and fell in love! Not much of a fan of the speed set up, but LOVE the control shaft!! I making a ball almost every time and leaving the cue ball center table!! The quality is great, the looks are great, the performance is beyond great! You couldn’t ask for a better cue for the second most important shot of the game! The 8or9 being the most important lol

  6. Rudy (verified owner)

    Great Break Cue
    I never owned a great break cue, but if I had to own one… I would get the OB Rift break cue. I tried it out and loved how it feels with the rubber grip and the feel of the break cue. Awesome break cue, breaks the balls very good. Great control and balance. Awesome break cue! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a break cue

  7. Jeffery M. Glenn (verified owner)

    Quality Break Cue
    The break cue works well compared to other ones I have owned.I had a orange crush before this one and the ob is as solid a break cue or better. The only con I have is the joint being wood in the shaft. I bought a set of there joint protectors and they are metal.The wood joint threads start to go bad after using them. I have sent the shaft back once already and I have to send it back again. So with that being said don’t use the metal joint protectors with the wood joint on the shaft.

  8. Jack (verified owner)

    Solid breaker
    Only was able to use the breaker a few times(it belongs to my teammate), but i like the feel of it. Wasnt getting thenspread inwas used to, but nkt if that was me or the stick. With more time, i am sure i would become more comfortable.

  9. Eric McGarr (verified owner)

    Love this cue
    Love this break cue I have it with the control shaft breaks great and always leaves the cue ball on the table

  10. Jeremy M. (verified owner)

    Love the grip and feel of this break cue
    I have a ob 130 and love it. So when it came time to upgrade my break cue I knew I wanted a ob. I bought the rift with control shaft and I certainly got my money worth. My brakes are more scattered and I have started getting break and runs in league. Highly recommend this cue

  11. S Spronk (verified owner)

    Power and Control
    I am a big fan of this break cue. It has allowed me to really find my control on my breaks without sacrificing power. I really like the way that the rubber grip extends further down the butt.

  12. Gene (verified owner)

    Excellent breaking cue
    Purchased with the control shaft. Extremely comfortable grip. Wish I had purchased with the power shaft as there isnt ebough transferred energy with the control shaft in my opinion.

  13. Anonymous

    Big Breaks
    Great Break cue easy power with good control.

  14. Denis (verified owner)

    The Effortless Breaking Cue
    This cue breaks sweet! Once I found the sweet spot between power and speed, the results are phenomenal, paying back in dividends with all the balls pocketed and leaving your opponent seated while you run out! Very well constructed, great rubber wrap going all the way down to the butt cap and love the end handle section being near same diameter giving more grip stability. I don’t have to whack the cue ball that hard and my adversaries scratch their heads in wonder. Everyone who tried my cue loves it and wants one 🙂

  15. Brian cooke (verified owner)

    As with my playing cue this cue gets the job done …I wish looking back I had not got the speed shaft …it breaks like a champ but there is not as much room for error with the harder phenolic tip

  16. Jens (verified owner)

    Powerful with control
    I like it very much. With some more weight bolts it brings a lot of power to the balls with less effort. And so it is much easier to control the white and have a good start. The rubber grip does a good job. Here and there I’ve user for jumping. I’m very satisfied with it.

  17. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great Cue
    I was in the market for a new break cue, tired of 3-piece cues. I liked the blue Rift break cue and searched multiple websites to get my hands on one
    I was really glad I got the blue one. I don’t find the black version of this cue that “good looking” kind of a standard break cue look. Bought this cue with the control break shaft, only one issue so far. Tip kept coming off, had it glued back on but the glue wouldn’t hold. No damage to the shaft or tip when it separated, only the glue was not holding.
    Took it to another pro shop and been great for a few months now. I love the grip, really enjoy how light it feels on a break shot.
    I may get another shaft for this cue but I will keep this as my break cue until I cannot use it anymore.

    5/5 – Nothing bad to say about this cue, maybe it needs to come in different colors. I like dark wood stains ( just a hint 😉 )

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