OB Rift No Wrap Break Cue (Butt Only)

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OB Rift Black No Wrap OB Break Cue. More Bang, Less Bucks!

  • Black or blue handle built with a compound taper for more speed (note color preference at checkout)
  • Available from 18oz to 21oz in half ounce increments
  • Modified 3/8×10 wood to wood joint
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

This cue also has our unique Centralized Balance System (CBS). CBS allows for our cues to be weighted in way that creates an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is both crisp and lively. It really has to be felt to be appreciated because you end up with custom feel in a production cue.

SHIPPING: Please note that if the cue is listed as in stock then it will ship out within one business day (unless you order a shaft with it that is back ordered). If the cue or shaft are showing as out of stock then placing an order will reserve the cue for you and you can expect it to ship within 4-6 weeks of the day you place your order.

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24 reviews for OB Rift No Wrap Break Cue (Butt Only)

  1. Tony Hanson (verified owner)

    Excellent quality
    I bought the last year’s model to this break cue. It has the speed break on it, all I have to say is this product is excellent. I’m an average pool player, this break cue increasesd my breaking percentage by 100%. I don’t feel that I have to kill it anymore to get a good break. I would recommend this break for anyone wanting to increase there breaks.

  2. BG (verified owner)

    Perfect Breake Cue
    I have used numerous break cues in the pst but this Rift with control shaft is by far my favorite. Consistent hit and feel with great transfer of energy

  3. Saafab Bowman (verified owner)

    Excellent break cue
    Excellent break gives me the control I need while breaking

  4. kk (verified owner)

    Great Feeling Break Cue
    Have used the cue on a number times. The weight of the cue is great allowing you to to get it moving quickly. This cue also jumps well if you’re not allowed to use a jump cue in your regular pool room.

  5. Rob valim (verified owner)

    Rift is great
    I love this break cue, as do most of my teammates. It is the go to break cue on league nights and in tournaments I am playing in. I own both shafts but prefer the speed shaft

  6. Tom (verified owner)

    Works for me
    Tried many break cues. my “second Ball” break works very well with this cue.

  7. Tony (verified owner)

    Awesome breaker
    One of the best hitting break cues I have used. I try other but have always kept this one for 4 years now (older model)

  8. Jen (verified owner)

    .. simply the best
    I simply love this break cue. It is very well balanced and one can tell it is built with precision. The quality is amazing. The feel of the cue in your hand is like no other. My playing cue is also an OB and I am so so so glad I finally decided to get the break cue, too.

  9. Ralph Bullard (verified owner)

    Break cue
    Very satisfied with the break cue. It has great balance and breaks the rack with precision.

  10. Wang Choe (verified owner)

    Generates so much speed with solid consistent hits
    I’ve been breaking with the OB Rift without a wrap using the speed shaft at 18 oz. It generates so much speed with solid consistent hits. Sometimes, I generate too much speed that the cue ball flies off the table. It produces good spread regularly and I’m not a strong breaker either. The butt is flared in the middle, which I was first confused but, it’s super well balanced. It makes your strokes easy. I’m glad I went with this break cue over the other more expensive popular brand because it’s high quality and well balanced. Not to mention, they have the best customer service and you don’t have to go through the annoying automated lines to get to someone. I’ve called and Jennifer has always helped me out. I loved this break cue so much that I bought a limited edition break cue that I plan to keep if this one ever breaks. I will never buy another cue brand again.

  11. Dejan Matura (verified owner)

    1 day test
    I have OB Rift break only for 1 day for testing. Nice breaks, also can jump a half ball hit long sistance._x000D_
    If I had more time to test i think it will be for a 5 stars.

  12. Steve Smith (verified owner)

    I used a House Cue for years.. until I tried this
    I’m one of those guys who, although I invested in a decent playing cue, I just used a house cue as a break cue for years. One night my team mate offered to let me use his OB Break cue. I really noticed the extra power I got, and the balls seemed to explode apart. Had to buy one.

  13. William (verified owner)

    Best Ever
    I have had tired almost ever break cue you could ever think of that’s out there it the best hitting cue out of all of the rest and you can get great control all at the same time great product.

  14. Jonathon Bates (verified owner)

    Solid breaker
    I ordered both the speed and control shafts with mine. I prefer the control shaft but wanted a backup shaft just in case I miscue and the tip pops off during a critical match. The speed shaft definitely puts more speed on the cue ball but I really like the control shaft for a cut break. Best break cue I’ve used.

  15. Mark Zabudske (verified owner)

    Good Break Cue
    Ordered with control shaft (no wrap). Solid break cue. Not sure if its an issue with my shaft or not but after cleaning there is a line of blue chalk in what would appear to be a thin line in the wood. Also got my first 8 on the break and 9 on the break with this.

  16. Gilbert Riggins jr. (verified owner)

    I was unlucky and got one with a warped butt
    I have one, I love the way it breaks, the only knock I have is that the butt was warped and they wouldn’t warranty it because it’s not part of there warranty, but if the shaft was warped they would have replaced it.. go figure..

  17. Ernie T. (verified owner)

    Solid Balance and Consistency
    OB spent the time to develop a great instrument. After working through a lot of different cues, I tried OB and the feel was spot on. Balance is perfect with the weight being in the right place, slightly larger taper in the butt, and with the control shaft I park the ball right in the middle. OB is an American company who stands behind their cues…’nuff said.

  18. Joe (verified owner)

    Best hitting break you ever
    This OB break hits a ton it is one of the 1st original Break cues that OB made Has a Gray Butt end with a Sam Sara tip with the wooden ferrule This break cue rocks

  19. Harry Constantine (verified owner)

    More breaking power and more control
    Since buying my model BKC break cue in Jan 2015 I have found more power and more control. I would highly recommend this break cue.

  20. Mike Ledbetter (verified owner)

    Best Break Cue
    Hands down the best break cue I have ever used. Have this cue with the control shaft. works awesome

  21. Anonymous

    Awesome color.
    Love the break cues but love the blue one more only because it is blue.

  22. oscar bernardo (verified owner)

    i do like it..
    i like this breaking ..i have the control of it..that’s the main thing that i like..and i make balls at the break..

  23. Chris L (verified owner)

    Best breaker I’ve used, and I’ve used a few!
    A while ago OB released a special run break cue in paduak and I just couldn’t pass it up even though I already had what I thought was a great break cue. Ordered it with the Speed Break shaft and have been using it for the last 5 months.
    I have tried or owned Predator, Mezz, Gilbert, Jacoby, Viking, McDermott and probably a few more that I can’t recall. Until I got my OB I was using the Mezz and it was a fine break cue but the shaft wood was soft and it ended up with lots of dents after a few months.
    Upon getting my OB cue I immediately loved the balance and the fact that it was dead straight. I noticed the butt had a very unique taper that made it feel more like a specialized break cue and not just a different shaft on a playing cue. I really liked that. Combined with the Speed Break shaft I feel like I get more power with less effort than I have achieved with any other cue. Performance wise it’s the best breaker I’ve had!
    Quality is exceptional as well, after 5 months of the same usage as my previous cue the shaft on this one is still in perfect shape without any of the dents that covered my last one. Cue has remained perfectly straight as well and has just performed flawlessly.

    I sold all my other break cues, love having my OB in the case!

  24. Jon M Northrop (verified owner)

    Even though I know the butt has nothing to do with the way a cue breaks. I love this cue. I bought the quake shaft before it was avilable to the public. I love it. I’m making 2 to 3 balls on the break consistantly now. Amy talked me into buying it and how I’m glad she did. I woundn’t trade this cue for the world. I now own 3 OB cues.

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