OB Lift Pro – 3 Piece Jump Cue

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OB Lift Pro three piece jump cue:

  • 13mm OB Jump Tip
  • White ferrule
  • 29″ North American maple shaft
  • 3/8×10 wood to wood joint
  • 18″ two piece butt construction
  • Micro 3/8×10 jump joint
  • Painted Black
  • Average OB Lift Pro jump cue weight is 9.5oz to 10oz

SHIPPING: Please note that if the jump cue is listed as in stock then it will ship out within one business day. If the jump is showing as available on back order, then placing an order will reserve the cue for you and you can expect it to ship within 4 weeks of the day you place your order.

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Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Tip Size

Tip Type

OB Phenolic Jump Tip

Shaft Type

Shaft Length

Joint Type


Forearm Length

12 Inches

Jump Joint Type

Micro 3/8×10


Handle Length

6 Inches

22 reviews for OB Lift Pro – 3 Piece Jump Cue

  1. Jen (verified owner)

    Like no other ..
    I finally decided to get the OB Lift and have not had a second thought about it ever since! There are no rivets, crevices, or any other things that can be confusing when using other jump cues. The design is simple which is how it should be for a jump cue. The weight distribution is literally perfect. When you hold the cue you can just tell where it needs to be held for the shot. I love that the end piece comes off to convert it into a lighter butt for shorter jumps. This is one of my best additions to my cue family. It has helped me in so many ways but especially in serious competitions where kicking sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Love love love!!!

  2. jayar kumar (verified owner)

    Best Jump Cue I’ve Tried!
    Before I got a hold of this jump cue, I’ve tried several jump cues from Pred air, Mezz,couple of J/Bs. I can say this easily wins hands down it is like cheating when jumping. Jumping with this cue is effortless you can do both dart and normal stroke. also, since it is a three piece cue, it helps a lot when jumping long shots.

  3. Justin (verified owner)

    It’s a monster
    Best jump cue I’ve played with to date. My accuracy has greatly improved. Three piece is definitely a must for longer jumps

  4. Bryon Melnyk (verified owner)

    Best jump cue out
    I don’t own this cue. But use my friends regularly. This cue is the best hands down jump cue on the market. I love the three piece option so you can adjust between longer jump shoots and shorter jump shots. The tip is perfect and jump and use English with ease. Great cue will help any level of players game.

  5. Anonymous

    Best Jump Cue out there.
    Used a friends OB Lift Jump Cue and by far the best I have tried. Takes some practice but will easy jump consis

  6. Ricky Humphreys (verified owner)

    Best Jump Cue out there.
    Uses a friend of mine’s lift jump cue from OB. and is by far the best one I’ve ever tried. Takes a little practice but it does the job very well. I also own an OB stick and absolutely love it and have gotten many compliments on it. It’s got the OB Pro Plus shaft with the Everest tiger medium tip and the action you get on it is incredible. Very low deflection and very predictable. Just keep using house cues and you won’t improve your game.

  7. Gary Rose (verified owner)

    Wanna jump vs kick?
    The OB lift pro is the 3rd or 4th and last jump cue I will ever buy. This cue has made me deadly on jump shots whether 1” from the impeding ball for 5 feet away. If I don’t pocket the ball im very close. Makes jumping almost easy. Thank OB !!!!!

  8. Tony (verified owner)

    This thing LIFTS!
    Super easy to jump balls with, whether a short jump or a long jump.

  9. B Jennings (verified owner)

    Great jumper!
    I bought this cue after being so impressed with the rift break cue. I switched from a jacoby jump to this and I’m never looking back! With the 2pc butt it makes jumping almost like cheating! What I like most is the soft hit unlike most jump setups causing you to miscue! If you can’t jump with this maybe you should switch sports!

  10. Frank (verified owner)

    Outstanding Results
    Bought one about 5 years ago. Using other jump sticks did not give me the consistent results that I am getting with the OB. Want to play your best? Buy the best.

  11. Wayne M. (verified owner)

    Jumps Naturally with Control
    I have borrowed many jump cues but this is the first one I felt I needed to buy for my case. This cue feels natural and results are consistently satisfying.

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Great jump cue
    Plays very, very well. Jumps with ease. The 3 piece feature is great for longer jumps.

  13. S.Tauer (verified owner)

    Best result for Long and short jumps
    I have played with different Jump Cue‘s but after trying the OB Lift i was very surpised how easy and without much effort it takes to jump long and short shots. Before you buy another jumper, try the OB Lift!!!

  14. Alan Oliiver (verified owner)

    Excellent Jump Cue
    I have tried a number of jump cues in the past. In my opinion, the Lift is the best production jump cue. A number of people who have tried mine have bought them as well.

  15. Anonymous

    Best ump cue I have tried
    I have tried several jump cues and this one just seems to jump with the least effort. Both butterfly and long jumps are easy to control

  16. William (verified owner)

    Best jump cue
    I have own a good amount of jump cues in the past and by far this jump cue this the most comfortable and reliable jump cue I have ever owned I wouldn’t trade for anything unless it was a new one.

  17. Bob Nunley (verified owner)

    OB Lift Pro 3 piece
    I don’t own an OB Lift YET, but I will soon. One of my customers brought one into my pool room and let me give it a try. It takes a lot for a jump cue to impress me, but I was GENUINELY blown away by how this cue performs. GREAT JUMP CUE!

  18. Brian Anderson (verified owner)

    Jumping jack flash
    I was resistant to getting a jump que for years. When I changed my mind I looked at all of them. This is by far the best of them, I can jump short or long distance with ease.

  19. Kevin paquette (verified owner)

    Very easy to learn to jump!
    Took me one day to jump the way I like! Great product!!

  20. Rachael (verified owner)

    Great jump cue!
    This jump cue makes controlling the cue ball on your jump shot easy. One of the best on the market.

  21. Karlon Kidder (verified owner)

    One of the best jumpers out there.
    Gets up with ease, have had 3-4 jump cues and this one performs the best of any that I have owned. The three piece is great for long distance jumps and the two piece is great for getting the ball up quick.

  22. John Riddick (verified owner)

    Great Jump Cue
    I recently joined two leagues that allow jumping. I’ve always been a “purist,” choosing to kick or swerve the cue ball instead of attempting the jump. My opinions quickly changed after playing against better players who would leave near impossible safeties. This Lift Pro is a great jump cue. After some experimental practice sessions, I was able to get the hang of both the long jump stroke and the dart stroke. This cue makes jumping seem effortless. I highly recommend it!

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