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Shockwave $219.30- AA Grade maple with a hybrid taper and phenolic tip. A great shaft for controlling the cue ball on the break.

Aftershock $399.00- AA Grade maple with a conical taper and phenolic tip. The wood is drilled out and a carbon fiber tube is inserted through the length of the wood. This allows for more speed in the break.

Quake $250.00- AA grade maple stabilized with resin for increased stiffness. It has a conical taper with an Odega leather tip and low deflection. This allows for a fast break with more control.


While we do have most of the popular tip/collar/joint variations in stock, we do NOT have all variations in stock. This includes 30” shafts. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery while we work to restock our inventory. We will ship out as soon as possible

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 36 in
Shaft Type

Aftershock, Shockwave, Quake

Joint & Collar

3/8×10 & Modified 3/8×10 w/Black Collar, 3/8×10 & Modified w/Stitch Ring Collar, 5/16×14 Black Collar w/ Silver Ring, 5/16×14 w/Black Collar, 5/16×18 Black Collar w/ Silver Ring, 5/16×18 w/Black Collar, Modified 3/8×10 w/Black Collar, Modified 3/8×10 w/Stitch Ring Collar, Radial Black Collar w/ Silver Ring, Radial w/Black Collar, UniLoc Black Collar w/ Silver Ring, UniLoc w/Black Collar

2 reviews for OB Break Shafts

  1. Jon Northrop

    They haven’t put the new Quake break shaft on the web page yet. But if you call to order one they’ll happly help you out. This break shaft rocks. I’m now smashing the balls. And I’m not a hard breaker. I broke 10 racks and made a ball on 8 out of 10 rack. And the ones I didn’t make a ball on the spread was awesome. While breaking I made at least 3 balls past the head string every time. The OB Rift is the best break cue I’ve ever used. Thank you Amy and Jeremy

  2. Jon Northrop

    I forgot to mention the Quake is the best of both worlds when it come to the Shockwave and Aftershock. They took the best of the Shockwave and the best of the Aftershock and put it into an awesome shaft called the Quake.

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