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DigiCue BLUE Billiard Training Aid, Bluetooth® Technology, iOS & Android Apps

If you want to be a better pool player then you need to check out the DigiCue BLUE: https://www.obcues.com/products/DigiCue-BLUE-Training-Aid-with-Bluetooth%C2%AE-Technology-and-iOS-and-Android-Apps.html

Posted by OB Cues on Friday, March 16, 2018

The DigiCue BLUE comes with FREE shipping no matter where you live!

Bluetooth® enabled revolutionary electronic cue training device for improving player performance. Simply slide the DigiCue BLUE onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button and then play your game of choice. This device is like having your own personal coach giving you immediate feedback on every shot that you shoot by alerting you with vibrations when it detects any inconsistencies in your stroke when you hit a ball with your cue and sending that information to your smart phone or tablet and giving you detailed results and stats about multiple aspects of your game.

The DigiCue BLUE will Detect:

  • Jab strokes
  • Follow through smoothness / acceleration through the cue ball
  • Finish duration
  • Tip steering and direction
  • Straightness of your stroke
  • Finesse
  • Shot interval (time between shots)
  • Backstroke pause duration


• 4 unique settings: beginner, intermediate, advanced and custom modes

• Discreet and lightweight (less than an ounce)

• Can be used when you train/practice and also during competition*

• Comes with two sizes to fit the vast majority of Pool, Snooker, and Billiard cues

• Automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of not hitting a ball to maximize battery life

• Comes with the FREE DigiCue App available for both iOS (Apple) and Android.

• Battery included

• Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about the DigiCue BLUE can be found HERE

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Weight 4.3 oz

36 reviews for DigiCue BLUE Training Aid

  1. KJ Williams, Master Instructor (verified owner)

    Exceptional Product
    Our instructors at CueSport Billiard Academy have found OB’s DigiCue BLUE to be an exceptional product. In addition to the training regimen we send our students home with, we highly recommend they pick up a DigiCue Blue for added feedback to be stored and viewed on their phones. 5 Stars from CBA!

  2. Peter L. (verified owner)

    Great Training Aid
    I love my Digicue Blue. Easy to use, easy to setup and fun to use. Helps with keeping your stroke clean straight and accurate. I recommend it for beginners and veterans. The app on your smart phone is simple to use and view. It helps with keeping track of your stroke characteristics and for monitoring areas of improvement. I use it daily in my practice sessions._x000D_
    No regrets.

  3. Dustin campbell (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the ability to choose between the various parts of your game you want to work on._x000D_
    This has improved my game huge!

  4. Anonymous

    Digie cue vlue
    I recently bought this gadget and I am very pleased how it works; great training tool. Highly recommended!

  5. PoolMentor Dougl (verified owner)

    I find the sensitivity too tricky and not totally representative of consistent stroking for different players. While I am always looking for new tech items to improve my students, I’ve found this to be more work than the result will indicate. for this instructor, nothing still beats showing a student a video of his stroke. Keep trying though

  6. Marshall (verified owner)

    Best training tool for practicing your stroke
    I bought the original Digi Cue, which I enjoyed, but it only told me I was making mistakes and not what those mistake were. The Digi Cue Blue will display my mistakes on my phone and lets me control the difficulty settings as I work on going from a middle skill level player to hopefully a higher skill level. Its user friendly, and it works. I wouldn’t purchase the original digi cue again but the Blue is great!

  7. M Howe (verified owner)

    What fun
    Really great product in training and game playing. Very responsive and it is really fun to try and get good results. History is a little meaningless to identify problem areas but this may be because I’m just better than a beginner!

  8. KlepPing (verified owner)

    A Good Stroke is Critical
    Want to feel how good your stroke is? Get the newest version of the Digi Cue. It’s sensitive and adjustable with custom settings. The vibration signals if the stroke met the criteria you set but the bar charts on your cell phone show great details of each shot. Very informative. Plus you can track your history to see improvement. Only downside is my battery seems to stay on…I’ve changed it twice in a few months.

  9. Gideon (verified owner)

    Great Training Aid
    This is an excellent training aid and a huge improvement over the prior version. The ability to customize the settings and to see what exactly is causing a “fault” is a great leap forward. For example, the DigiCue presumes and elbow drop to be an error and will buzz every time. If you feel an elbow drop is acceptable (some pros do it all the time), you can just turn off that setting. _x000D_
    Really useful device to help determine why you are missing.

  10. Gil McGrath (verified owner)

    Digicue Blue – a great tool to help you fine tune your stroke
    I am a PBIA certified billiards instructor – I recently purchased the Digicue Blue and find it a very useful tool to provide additional quantitative information for my students as part of doing a detailed stroke analysis._x000D_
    I works as advertised and I really like to the ability to customize the setting._x000D_
    One enhancement I would like is the ability to export and save a students data as well as the ability to import students data so we can see improvements over time. If it had this ability I would have given it 5 stars !

  11. Derek Murray (verified owner)

    Works Great
    This was a huge upgrade to the original DigiCue. The ability to use an app and keep track of your history and progress is great. It’s amazing what this can do and teaches you to focus on every shot.

  12. Aaron Shaw (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic
    So glad I bought my digi cue blue. I’m an older player coming back to the game and it has sharpened up my game and is helping to eliminate bad habits that crept back into my stroke after a number of years away from the game. If the product ratings are (1 to 5) I would happily give the digi-cue blue a 6!! What an Amazing Innovation in syroke training.

  13. Anonymous

    Great product
    This product is better than the first although both are good. This one lets you know what your doing wrong. The results may or may not surprise you. I do like it though and recommend it to everyone.

  14. Rick (verified owner)

    Solid Training Aid
    I love technology and have issues with my pool stroke that creep in over time especially when it comes to my elbow and trying to steer the ball into the pocket. It is so subtle that I don’t notice it until it is too late. I decided to give DigiCue Blue a try. DigiCue Blue is basically a small computer with algorithms that sends immediate feedback to an App on your I-phone. You can choose the skill level of your ability and in my case I started with intermediate as my Fargo rating is a 510 but play better than my rating shows. I have since gone the way of custom and tweaked the app to be more sensitive to further enhance my stroke. I currently have about 4,000 strokes using DigiCue Blue. It says to put it on your cue, choose the game of your choice and start playing but I don’t advise that. There are some shots that require getting the cue out of the way to prevent double hits in which case the DigiCue will vibrate because of a fault and it is very distracting. I now use it for about 45 minutes a day going through my drills and then I take it off to run a few racks. This way I get the immediate feedback that is needed to correct my flaws and I’m not mentally distracted when actually playing. I am a big proponent of when you practice do so with perfect practice so as to develop good muscle memory so that when you play you can just let your subconscious take over and allow the muscle memory to perform. I highly recommend DigiCue Blue to improve your game as long as you use it to hone your stroke during drills. I have been using it everyday for that purpose and I definitely see improvement in several different areas but most notably in tip steer (my elbow).

  15. Keith D (verified owner)

    Excellent product!
    Very helpful training tool! The apps (I use both the Apple and Android versions) are great and the sync of data between devices makes tracking progress very easy._x000D_
    Highly recommended!

  16. Paul Geis (verified owner)

    Changed my game
    This works great though I had a good stroke until I used this what a wake up call now my stroke is improving so is my game

  17. Dan Jakubczak (verified owner)

    Great for juniors and players of all skill levels!
    Incredible upgrade from the original Digicue. Now I don’t have to rely on the player noticing when the Digicue vibrated. I can see instant feedback and show the player how to improve their stroke and track their history.

  18. Michael (verified owner)

    A quality product. Will help you clean up your stroke
    With the original digicue, you had no idea what you did that was wrong. The app easily defines what you did to make the digicue vibrate. When I first started using this, it went off so frequently that I thought it might be defective, it made me focus on my stroke. Now it rarely goes off at all. Solid product.

  19. Dustin Crowe (verified owner)

    See the issue, fix the issue.
    This gives you the opportunity to actually see the problems in your stroke. To have something that consistently shows you what you’re doing wrong is a great tool for any player. See the issue fix the issue. One of the best things I added to my case.

  20. Jake (verified owner)

    Still a few bugs to be worked out
    It’s an excellent training aid that has helped me get my stroke closer to where I want it to be, although there will be times that no matter how good or bad my stroke may be it seems there will be times it needs to be restarted. If I’m trying to do an example of what a bad stroke will look like there will be times that everything shows up full green or vice versa trying to show a good stroke no matter how hard I try everything will stay red. However once you figure out how to work around some of the flaws the DigiCue works as it’s intended to work. If it wasn’t for the small flaws it would get 5 stars

  21. John (verified owner)

    how to get a better stroke
    I recently purchased a DigiCue Blue training aid from you. I was most impressed at the level of practice that was required in order to make my stroke fall into the acceptable range of this tool. It is the best stroke practice I have ever tried and I have been playing at a high level for years. Thanks for the great training tool.

  22. Paul (verified owner)

    Has improved my game, my handi-cap has risen 2 levels since trying
    I don’t personally own this product, but a friend does. He had let me use it on several occasions. This training aid has help my stroke greatly, it has been a great tool to learn with. Now mentally I know what I need to do to make the shot making more accurate.

  23. Anonymous

    great learning device
    Since I started use this product in practice my average has gone up. It has helped a beginner like me sharpen my physical game. I has also had my friends shoot with it and it has also helped them when they were not shooting as well as they normally due. Not one thing I can say bad about the BLUE, instant feedback.

  24. Bill (verified owner)

    Battery life is very short.
    Well I like the face this it lets me know when I don’t have a smooth stroke but the problem is the battery it does not last very long.

  25. Mark Zabudske (verified owner)

    Good learning tool
    Easy set up. Easy to pair with phone. Helped me figure out how straight my stroke was. Only thing that would be nice is recommendations on how to improve areas that are scored low.

  26. Anonymous

    Consistency is key
    This product has helped me greatly improve the consistency in my stroke. I didn’t realize how much variation I was introducing until I started using it during practice sessions. Once I learned how to use the data it provides My game has been consistently improving. I would have given it five stars except that the software does not work 100% with my particular android phone. Nothing that prevents using it successfully, but a minor annoyance.

  27. Anonymous

    I tested this and amazed how it reacts when you shoot. I hope I could try more and discover how this thing really works to assist me in my game.

  28. Anonymous

    Game changer
    Love this thing! It forces me to really get in tune with every aspect of my stroke. My training sessions are more intense and driven. Thanks for helping to up my game!

  29. Don Hastings (verified owner)

    Best training tool
    Hands down the top individual training tool out there. Every shot helps you find something wrong in your stroke.

  30. Donald Campbell (verified owner)

    DIDICUE BLUE Best training for your stroke.
    Digicue blue helps with your stroke, gets your stroke going where you want it to go. The app is great help. Shows you what you are doing wrong._x000D_
    Gets your cue stick going straight. I’ve used it for about 90 days now. Shooting great now. (Keep up the great work OB cues)

  31. Marián Brázdil (verified owner)

    Great tool even if it drives me crazy
    When I put this thing on my cue I thought that my stroke was good, however on the second level it vibrated Every time. It is great tool which makes me focus during the practice as I m playing serious match. Downside is that I feel that balance of my cue changes when I put it on.

  32. Anonymous

    Best pool product
    got my DigiCue Blue and I wanted to tell you that it is the best pool thing I have ever had. It changed my game upside down for the right reasons. I have been inconsistent before and all better pool players and trainers have been telling me “it is all in your head”. I bought and read tons of pool psychology literature and yet again I went from winning a local tournament to a two deafeats in the next. _x000D_
    Well it was not “in my head”. It was in my stroke technique. I could not tell what was wrong with my mechanics. Well DigiCue did and I am so thankful. Amazing product.

  33. Russ (verified owner)

    So that’s what it’s like to have a smooth stroke
    With a degree of skepticism, I bought a DigiCue from you that hooks to my cel. Awesome for me but not so good for the people I play regularly. I had no idea that my stroke was that bad, but it was. All in the green in about 4 hours and every part of my game is better. Now just pop it on now and then to maintain.

  34. Keith D

    Very helpful training tool! The apps (I use both the Apple and Android versions) are great and the sync of data between devices makes tracking progress very easy.

    Highly recommended!

  35. Paul Geis

    Changed my game

    This works great though I had a good stroke until I used this what a wake up call now my stroke is improving so is my game

  36. S Spano (verified owner)

    Wish I didn’t wait so long
    I just bought the DigiCue Blue and I am super excited to practice my drills with it. This device doesn’t tell you what shot to take, what English to use, or what speed to use. It does tell you when you’re jumping up, not following through, not shooting straight, inconsistency with your stroke, etc. I didn’t buy this device so I could cheat or so I didn’t have to practice. I bought it for the complete opposite reason. I bought it to enhance my practices and drills. I bought it so I could get feedback with shots that I miss and determine errors in my stroke. Not everyone grew up in a pool hall or have been playing for decades. Not everyone has a professional coach telling them what they are doing wrong or what they can improve on, but some of us do have a passion to get better.

    This device is no different than the devices that golfers and baseball players use to measure their swing accuracy.

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