Box of OB Blue Chalk with 2 x Cubes

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22 reviews for Box of OB Blue Chalk with 2 x Cubes

  1. Eddie (verified owner)

    Great Chalk
    I received a 2 piece box of this chalk with an OB shaft I ordered. I’ve used Predator chalk for years and I was reluctant to try the OB chalk. After trying it I was pleasantly surprised. It holds onto the tip very well and last quite a while.

  2. Jenna edmonds (verified owner)

    Good stuff
    I have used this since you started selling it. Stays on my tip and not the table.

  3. Albert (verified owner)

    Hands Down Beats Predator Chalk!!!
    I know it’s just a chalk but I like it sooo much more than Predators chalk which I previously used…my hands aren’t a continuous blue anymore!

  4. Ennis (verified owner)

    Great chalk
    Great chalk for the money. Lives up to the ob name.

  5. THOMAS MAGIER (verified owner)

    Chalk it up.
    As,good or better than expected. Comparable to Predator or Kamui.

  6. Bryon Melnyk (verified owner)

    Good chalk for price.
    I have tried all the chalks out there. I like this chalk. I think having a couple different options for soft ness would be nice. But the price can’t be beaten for the higher end chalks. Very happy with this product.

  7. Gideon (verified owner)

    Good Premium Chalk
    I am fan of the OB chalk. I particularly like the colour, which is a little lighter than competitive products like Magic Chalk. The lighter OB shows fewer chalk marks on the cloth, so I use it on my home table.

  8. Anonymous

    Great chalk, priced well
    Compares to Predator, maybe better! Switched from master’s and practically stopped miscuing all together. This chalk is just as good as predator or kamui, and not nearly as messy!

  9. Brad Mobley (verified owner)

    Not bad
    Not a bad chalk…similar to masters

  10. Texas Frank (verified owner)

    Great Chalk, Great Price!
    I am a Fan! Normally a Magik Chalk user here and considering the price difference, I would say OB Chalk is right up there! Chalk Sticks well and doesn’t make much mess which is +. Try it out!

  11. Aaron Shaw (verified owner)

    Great Chalk
    Usually a fan of Masters chalk but this OB chalk is great. Sticks to the tip well, never miss-cued while using this chalk. Does not leave heaps of mess on table cloth. A+

  12. jayar kumar (verified owner)

    Great chalk for the price
    i bought this chalk from a local retailer just to try out something new. since i really liked your products. this chalk sticks well to the tip but always leaves a mark on the cue ball so i need to clean the cue ball more often. this chalk is between a gritty and a smooth feel. just enough of both ends. I ordered a bunch online and started selling to my friends. It sold out immediately that i had to make a second order!

  13. Rob (verified owner)

    not bad, not great
    Not much better than masters for much higher price point. I’ve been using Predator and I prefer that. But all OB shafts for sure.

  14. Joey B. (verified owner)

    Chalk one up for OB
    This is the first chalk I have ever bought. Generally I had a good condition cube of whatever the local halls were using (usually Masters)… I am not a habitual chalker but maybe after every 5 or 6 shots unless I am about to throw some crazy English. One cube has lasted nearly a year and has plenty to go. I wish the wrapper was scored in increments but I just use my pocket knife to cut a bit away to allow continued use.

  15. Jack (verified owner)

    Ok, but not for me.
    I wont say its master or silver cup, but i experienced problems having the chalk hold to my tip when playing. Had to chalk almost twicenas often as i do with my regular chalk. In all fairness, i did get a box when it first came out, so maybe something has changed since?

  16. Gene (verified owner)

    Pretty good chaulk
    It seems to be a little grainy compared to Predator

  17. Carl (verified owner)

    Nice chalk
    Pretty close to the predator chalk, did not have any miss-hits while using the chalk.

  18. Anonymous

    great chalk
    I have been using this chalk for the last two months. My average has gone up. I have had three ERO’s in the last 2 weeks. I have never had more than 2 in a whole season. It might be the chalk or the confidence of using better chalk.

  19. Mark Zabudske (verified owner)

    Great chalk
    Chalk is good. Stays on the tip. Lasts as well. Seems to equal the quality of Predator chalk.

  20. Anonymous

    Great chalk
    This is really good, works great on my hard tip. 😉

  21. Eric McGarr (verified owner)

    Some good chalk
    Love this chalk I switch between this and lava never miss cued

  22. Lori

    Love it. Best chalk I have tried in along time. Not a fan of Predator or Tiger chalk. Sticks to the tip well and doesn’t make a mess like other chalk.

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