8″ Extension for OB Cues

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The OB Cue Extension

8 inch black extension to screw into the back of OB Pool Cues. You will receive the extension along with a replacement rubber bumper with a screw attached to it. Simply pull off the existing rubber bumper from the back of your OB cue and screw in the new bumper with the screw attached to it. Then once you are ready to use your extension you can quickly attach it to the back of your cue as the extension comes with a quick release joint. You can leave it on your cue all the time or only use it when you need some extra reach.

The extension weighs 3.4oz and the extension bumper with aluminum screw weighs 0.4oz (FYI: The original OB bumper that you will remove from your cue weighs 0.2oz).

If you own more than one OB Cue, you can also purchase additional bumpers with screws so that you can switch the extension out on your cues.

Please Note: To properly tighten down the extension bumper with aluminum screw, you will need to use a 5mm allen wrench (not included).

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Weight 5.15 oz

7 reviews for 8″ Extension for OB Cues

  1. Hristo Atanasov (verified owner)

    Extension for tall players
    I use the extension constantly. I am tall and i feel the normal length of the butt short. The quick connect is very usefull. Fits perfectly, almost as if it is not there.

  2. S.Tauer (verified owner)

    8 inch Upgrade your Game
    I have my OB Cue for 2 years now and i bought the Extension when It came out. I hate using bridges especially for Long shots but with the Extension i have more Control over the white ball than with a bridge. I also use it as extra Weight for shots that need more strength. Easy to install , fits Perfect.

  3. Jayar Kumar (verified owner)

    well crafted
    i just received this cue extension that I ordered through Seyberts yesterday and first impression, it is well crafted, nice jet black finish. it is not difficult to install to the cue because of the quick release joint. I’ve been longing for a cue extension for longer shots. good thing I waited for OB to release their cue extension. It compliments my OB-125 pretty well. Good job!

  4. Brian Anderson (verified owner)

    Better late than never
    Lol I ordered this que extension from OB in February…. It is now May and I am so excited after 4 months it is only 2 more weeks from being shipped to me. I can only wait breathlessly for the hand crafted perfection that awaits. Oh and the 2 pieces if chalk I ordered hahahaha. I am so apprentice of the the time that they to chop the perfect tree and select the straightest wood with the best grain to provide such an excellent experience.

  5. Richie Kang (verified owner)

    Awesome Addition but one problem…
    The extension comes in very handy and is well made. However, I think, like most players, when sitting, rests the rubber butt on the floor. the rubber bumper replacement is made of metal and has a thin rubber cover on it. After a month of use, the rubber cover ripped off, no doubt from resting cue butt on the floor. I wish instead of a rubber cover, the whole thing was made of a solid rubber material with screw inlay in there somehow.

  6. Wang (verified owner)

    Must have to your OB Cue
    I’ve only had one night to play with the extension. Removing the rubber bumper and installing the extension bumper was easy; make sure to tighten down the bumper with an Allen wrench (not included). It screws on and off easily to the cue and the cue rolls dead straight with the extension. If OB can include the Allen wrench, it would cool. Note that this is that it is made in China. I ordered my through Seyberts and there was a sticker that said “made in China”. Regardless where it is made, it is high quality and works great.

  7. Marcus (verified owner)

    Great addition for the OB playing cue
    This is one of those things that you don’t actually realize you need until you start using it. I use it several times during play now. I gave it four stars because the fit leaves a slight gap on my cue so while it’s snug and holds the extension properly, there is still a small gap when the extension is not attached.

    I think I got one of the very first releases of the extension. The rubber of the original extension bumper came apart on me with regular use. The rubber itself was made of a material that was just too soft and tore away from the aluminum.

    I wrote OB about this problem. Shane Sinnott, the President, wrote me back personally and sent a replacement extension bumper. It seems to use a new type of rubber for the bumper which appears to be a harder and more durable grade of rubber.

    Amazing customer service from these folks. Love their products.

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