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All OB Shafts employ Low Cue Ball Deflection technology.

Cue ball deflection is the phenomenon that occurs when the shaft strikes the cue ball left or right of center. Instead of traveling along the line your cue is pointing down, the  cue ball will travel at an angle to that line.

Since using side spin is often necessary in order to play position, all pool players have to deal with cue ball deflection. A player has to compensate for that cue ball deflection or miss the shot. The more cue ball deflection, the more the player has to compensate. The more the player has to compensate, the easier it is to miss.

Low Cue Ball Deflection technology makes it easier to pocket balls with sidespin.

So what makes a shaft low deflection?

The best performance shafts have significantly reduced mass at the tip end of the shaft.  At OB, we employ this technique on all of our shafts.  Cue ball deflection is actually a result of the difference in weight or mass between the tip end of the shaft and the cue ball. Obviously, we can't change the weight of the cue ball, so we focus on the tip end of the shaft. By reducing the weight here, we have reduced cue ball deflection. When you compare the OB shafts against other brands, you will find OB at the top of the list.