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DigiCue Testimonials:

“As good as I am playing right now, every now and then my stroke gets a little out of line. We all have bad habits that surface from time to time so when I practice with the DigiCue it immediately alerts me with a vibration when my stroke is not where it needs to be. When most people think of training aids they think they are only for beginners but I really do believe that the DigiCue can benefit any player of any skill level.” Jayson Shaw, #2 Ranked Pool Player in the World

"I have tried out a lot of billiard training aids but the DigiCue BLUE beats them all. When I first tried the original version of the DigiCue I was sold immediately. As far as I know, this is the only stroke training device that gives instant feedback and covers almost any aspect of the stroke. After getting the upgraded version of the DigiCue (DigiCue BLUE) it got even better. It's very easy to see your flaws on any iOS/Android device and the measurements are extremely precise. DigiCue BLUE is a must have for any serious pool or snooker player." Stefan van der Blij, top tier player, Netherlands

"On the medium setting, I played some games of 9 ball, to see what the DigiCue showed. Alas, it seems I need some work on my stroke delivery. Simple shots, no problem; hard stroke, spin shots, THAT shows the flaws. I can see that with a practice routine which would allow you to replay the shots several times, the device would let you pinpoint the problem, and work on correcting errors in your delivery. I noticed that if I made a very conscious effort to deliver a good stroke, I could really minimize the error vibrations. That was encouraging." Charlie Gould, South Dakota

"On the first setting-beginner- I hit about 5 or 6 straight in shots with only stop and mild follow; it didn't vibrate at all. Then I purposefully stood up on my stroke and it went off. On the same level; it did vibrate on a couple draw shots and a few with sidespin. On this level I was able to concentrate and keep it from vibrating on long follow and most draw shots. But, anything more than a tip to tip and a half of side spin and it vibrated most of the time. Now I know what to work on. I tried the next level and had about the same results. But, I think I was paying more attention to my stroke and follow thru. So far, I like it. I've been reading some comments that it really doesn't have the capability to connect to a device to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong or give a chart; but I think its main objective is to let you know when you did "something" wrong. It's really up to the shooter to try the same shot again and concentrate on the fundamentals to eliminate the vibration. Kinda like those electric dog fences. This is a very fun tool." Dave Suarez, New Jersey

"I received the DigiCue this week and tried it out. I played with it mostly set on intermediate. Center ball, follow or draw were no problem, the DigiCue stayed "quiet". When I attempted some longer shots with inside or outside english it vibrated more than I'd thought it would. There were also some strokes that felt very good to me and yet it vibrated. Mostly the vibration was late, I tend to move at the end of my stroke. Initially, before receiving and trying the device out, I was disappointed that there is no indication for what type of flaw was detected. I now think that it is fine as is. The slight vibration saying there was a stroke error is enough for me. It forces you to feel your body a bit more and think of the whole stroke, including finish. I purposely jabbed and/or muscled a few strokes and the response was immediate. Slowing down and being very conscious of having a fluid stroke resulted in a few balls hanging up in the jaws. These were balls I'd normally make, so I must be steering a bit." Dave Monahan, New York

"It is a fantastic tool to improve your game at a very reasonable price. I think it is a well made product and a fantastic training aide. The Digicue would vibrate when I faltered somehow in my stroke, I was able to figure out what I was doing incorrectly and solve the problem. For those concerned about the Digicue causing any damage to your cues I just do not see how that would be possible. Like OB claims you just slip on to the end of your cue. The Digicue appears to be made from a nice flexible silicon rubber that is memory resistant and soft, it is not a hard, stiff rubber piece. Since it slips on to the butt of the cue I was a little concerened about bouncing my cue on the floor, something I frequently do but I am aware of it because I also own a bumperless cue so it was not difficult for me to adjust." Bob Faestel, Wisconsin

"Since converting to American Pool after years of playing English Pool and Snooker, I had heard of many different ways to train your stroke with the most popular one being to cue into a coke/wine bottleneck. So I tried it and it was great, however something was missing and I didn't feel as if it translated into my practice/match game. Now using the OB DigiCue, I get to play a full rack both in practice and in Tournament with instant feedback via the butt of the playing cue. Any issue with my stroke is picked up and I can correct it with the very next shot. It's a revolutionary step/change from the old analogue system into the new digital age that Billiards has been waiting for." Del Sim-Pro Player, New York

"The DigiCue is like having a constant coach with you every time you play. Constantly and silently reminding you to improve your stroke by staying down and following through on every shot. It will improve your focus and renew your desire to improve. You will get better and play better." Joe Tucker-Pro Player, Coach and Billiard Product Inventor, Rhode Island

“DigiCue works great for feedback of the stroke. No in-depth analysis but direct feedback after the stroke which works really fine. I am sure use in practice makes you up the quality of the delivery on a consistent basis. You put it on the butt of the cue and when the delivery is flawed or player moves too quick after the shot, it vibrates, which is Felt clearly.” Alex Lely-Pro Player, Commentator, Journalist, Coach, Netherlands

“I realized that I get a little "jabby" with my draw stroke sometimes and I believe I'm steering my side spin shots a little rather than stroking through on a straight line. I had no idea I was doing this and would have sworn I was stroking straight through so this was very enlightening. Having a tool that really lets you know how your stroke is doing vs just what you think it’s doing is really valuable. I think sometimes we assume things are good enough when we’re making balls but then when we have a bad night we’re not sure why we’re not making balls. The underlying cause is deficiencies in the stroke which lead to inconsistency and some nights of being “on” and others being “off”. Having a stroke training device like this for practice sessions seems incredibly useful to work on building a consistently sound stroke. I see myself using it for practice sessions but leaving it off when playing matches. However, should things fall apart during a match I could see wanting to pull it out to reinforce focusing on stroking properly because that is likely what has broken down on me.” Chris Long, Wisconsin

“From a player point of view, it works perfectly during set, practice shots to really hone in the freeze and still hands. Playing with it on full time, it buzzes if I move my hands prior to 2 seconds or so. That’s a bit disruptive for me. And playing on a bar table, you need to move or else you’ll get hit with an object ball or cueball. Incidentally, the bumper design of the Digicue works as a bumper should. I confess to smacking that bumper when a particular shot went awry... still works! Overall, I think the Digicue is a fantastic idea, and that every instructor should have one or twelve. I’ve commented on what improvements I think could be made, but this released version is no prototype and works as designed. Great job Nathan and the OB team! Fred Agnir-Robotics Engineer and Billiard Journalist, California

“It works perfectly! Thanks again, I will start promoting it in my poolroom.” Thomas Overbeck-Pool Room Owner and 16-year veteran of the WPA, Germany

"I have tested it this weekend for a while, with my students. It is very interesting ;-). I want to sell it in Germany.” Tom Damm-Head Coach of the German National Team in Pool and Snooker, Germany


OB Cues and OB Shafts Testimonials

I purchased an OB Rift break cue without the wrap and with the speed shaft at 18 oz. I finally got a chance to test it out last night. It took be a few racks to get the feel of the cue, but eventually got it. This break cue is amazing! Not only is it constructed very well and balanced, it generates so much speed and hits the rack with brute force. This is my second OB cue, my first purchase was an OB129 and I love this cue too.

I elected to try out the Rift over the other competing brands for many reasons. First, it's made and designed in the USA. Second, it's an excellent value as it is very high quality at a reasonable price. Third and foremost, OB has exceptional customer service (you call and you get a live person to assist you, and they are super kind). I highly recommend this break cue for those who have been thinking about getting one.  Forget the more expensive, non-USA made brands with bad customer service. Pay for value and quality, and play with an OB!

Wang Choe, Alaska


I just received my OB129 with OB1+ shaft from your warrant department after the shaft threading had to be repaired.  I live in Alaska and it took only 3 weeks from the time I mailed it in and back to me.  The cue was VERY well packaged as requested because the previous time UPS dented the package pretty bad.  And then I was more surprised when they included a very nice suede pool case!

Not only is their customer service top notch, so is the product.  I own other popular brands made out of Wisconsin and they do not compare to my OB129 with OB1+ shaft.  It hits quiet, but very solid.  I have better cue ball control.  And when they say it is a LD shaft, they mean it!

I want to shout out to all the staff at OB Cues, especially Jennifer Hooten for handling my warranty process efficiently and painless.  She is always kind and courteous despite all my calls.  I am now an OB Cues customer for life.

Thank you!

Wang Choe, Alaska


OB Cues and OB Shafts Testimonials

I recently purchased an OB-17EMW through Seybert's Billiards, and received it 06/29/17.  I have to say, it is a beautiful cue!  I took it to my local pool hall today, 07/01/17, and played for approximately 3 hours.  The cue feels great, and hits even better!  A very solidly built cue!  I purchased an OB-122, about 3 years ago, and I'm very happy with that cue, as well.  Keep up the good work! 


Michael E.
San Antonio, Texas


I recently purchased a new OB-173 prototype.  The cue is Beautiful and I am beyond impressed with craftsmanship.  Took it to league last night and won both my matches.
No words can describe how happy I am with this purchase.  I name all my cues, so I nicknames it the "Mark VII" because it's my 7th playing cue.   

Also one quick note on customer support.  After buying the cue and waiting for it to ship.  I contacted OB and was curious if I could change the shipping so I could get it before my league match.

I was concerned standard shipping would not get it here quickly enough.   Instead of emailing me back, a lady from OB contacted me by phone.  She gave me different options and we worked out the details.
All I can say is 5 Stars for a great cue, and 5 stars for your customer service.   


Chris C. 
Spartanburg, South Carolina


OB hit it out of the park with this one. I was in Dallas a couple weeks back so I stopped at the OB factory. We talked about cues, the company, and Royce’s legacy of craftsmanship and his dedication to customer service.

I had seen an ebony prototype on the OB Facebook page and was right on the verge of pulling the trigger on it. I told myself if that was wrapless it would be irresistible.

That day in the shop what was on the rack when I walked in? The same ebony cue with a ebony handle, ebony butt and a stained maple wrapless handle with silver dashed rings all around. We made a deal right away and I took it home.

That night when I screwed in the shaft the pin slipped a little. After a couple weeks of thought I now suspect this was because the OB2+ shaft they sold it with was tapped for a normal OB 3/8 10 pin and the cue had a 3/8 10 flat. It was just a simple oversight. Anyway I brought it back the next day and because they are amazing they offered to repair it for me free of charge. I explained that it would need to be shipped as I was heading home. Without batting an eyelash they said that would be no big deal, so I left it with them.

At this point is important to point out the cue I bought wasn’t totally perfect but it was a beautiful prototype and I loved it. A prototype is a rough draft to work out production issues. So less than flawless is to be expected. After I left I waited for my cue I think I waited about 15 days before they called me. When they called they explained that while trying to fix the pin they had cracked the forearm… I took a deep breath before Doc finished by telling me they had made me a new one from scratch and would ship it to me asap.

I recieved it yesterday and this one is more beautiful (flawless) than the first one. OB is without question a company you can trust to do the right thing.

BTW: It plays great I took it out last night to league.

Garrett W., Santa Fe, New Mexico


I would like to thank OB Cues for standing behind their product, honoring their warranty and for doing a great job on my OB1 shaft ferrule repair. After I got in touch with them, they responded very quickly with simple to follow instructions. They even put the same tip (a Kamui tip which isn't cheap) on it that I had prior to the ferrule cracking. After I opened the return package I was also very pleased to see that the shaft had also been cleaned and it looked like new. The other fantastic thing was the speed of the entire process from start to finish. In total, from the time I sent it to the time I got it back, was under 3 weeks. I should mention that I live in Canada as well. I don't think I will ever have another brand of cue!

Great job and great service!

Kyle R., New Brunswick, Canada
PBIA Certified Instructor 


I have been Playing APA pool for the past 4 years but have always played a little pool here and there growing up. When I started out playing pool I bought a used custom cue with a standard shaft and I knocked it around for 3 years trying others peoples cues along the way trying to figure out what would work best for me. I went from 2-3 skill level to a strong 4. With a good understanding of what I needed I wanted a well balanced cue with a Low Deflection shaft to take my game to the next level.I did my homework and I bought the OB-129 at 18 oz with the OB Pro + at 11.75 and I have been amazed ever since. This OB cue has taken my APA game to a skill level 5 and just recently it helped me with the APA Scotch doubles tournament qualifying me to play in Vegas this year. Thank you for such a great looking and great playing cue. 

David S., Holly Springs, North Carolina


Good morning and happy holidays ! I just want to get in touch with you and your company about my recent Christmas present! My OB+ pro 30inch with moori hard tip 5/16x18 piloted! I am thoroughly impressed, and truly grateful that your company takes such care in cue making. I feel like this shaft compliments every aspect of my shooting ability. I will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDING your products.- I can't express how perfect this product is and how it being an American made product means too. 

Dalton G., Gainesville, Florida


To whom it may concern: Just wanted to let someone know I purchased and received your Lions Claw cue and I could NOT be happier with your product!  Excellent craftsmanship and design.  Keep up the wonderful work that you do and I will be purchasing more products in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to read this note.

 Johnny J., Indianapolis, Indiana


Hello, I had to email you to let you know what I think about the Rift I just bought. I got it with the speed shaft btw. I think you should stop selling them right now!! Pull them all from the stores, take it off your website and never speak of it again!! This cue breaks so ridiculously good, I don’t want anyone else to know about it!! I don’t know what magical spell you have placed on this break cue, but I do not think its possible to have a bad break with it! I have only had it a few short hours, but I am in complete awe! I have had more break and run opportunities with this cue, in the last couple hours then I have had in months! Oh look 3 solids on the break, perfect spread and nothing is tied up...again! I think I had one dry break with it so far...but I spread the balls completely every single time! Finding a review on this break cue is pretty much impossible, I now know why! No one wants to give up the secret! You deserve a standing ovation for this cue, its almost cheating it breaks so well. Its like having Shane Van Boening as your designated breaker! I pray the BK3 fanatics don’t find this stick, so I can keep the advantage! Fantastic work OB!! AMAZING cue! Breaking PERFECTED!

Jon W., Battle Creek, Michigan 


I have never emailed feedback on a break cue in my life. I have tried every break cue on the market. Production and custom break cues. Predator, Mezz, Tiger, Gilbert custom jump break. You name it I probably owned it at one time or another. Most of them pretty expensive. I don't know why I never tried the OB break cue before. Maybe it's because someone once mentioned it had a softer hit. I even bought into Predator BK3 hype. Of course the predator bk3 shaft and butt warped so I purchased an OB break shaft for the bk3 butt. The shaft did have a softer hit but I noticed much better feel and control. As I learned to use different break speeds, the shaft yielded noticeable results as opposed to all the other break cues I have ever owned. I was so impressed that I had to know how the whole OB Break cue setup was like so I went and purchased one last week. You guys have a put out a great product. I am kicking myself for taking so long to try your break cue. I wasted so much time and money. The OB beak cue is priced competitively and outperforms anything I have ever owned. On the AZ Billiards forums, I see how you guys respond to customer concerns and take care of things even when the nature of the concern is not expressed or implied in your warranty. Great job guy's. You have a customer for life in me.

Allen W., East Brunswick, New Jersey 


I have been shooting pool going on 30 years now. I stopped for about 5 years and recently got back into it. I always used predator shafts ......until recently. I went to Jacksonville Florida to try and get a new Predator Z shaft and the place was out of them. He had some OB Classic pros and said try it. I did and ended up buying 2 of them. I now ONLY play with my OB and my Z shaft is collecting dust. Just wanted to say great product. I am a convert and very pleased!

Shanon B., Climax, Georgia


Hello OB, I just purchased one of your OB-1 cue shafts from Seyberts Billiards. My motivation for purchasing this shaft was Alex Pagulayan. I have watched him play for some time and thought if the shaft is good enough for him it is certainly good enough for me. I am a senior player (71) I play with an original Rambow cue I purchased from Herman Rambow himself. I payed $47 for it in 1965. I have only used a Rambow shaft on my cue. Recently I have been thinking my game might improve a bit using a more hi tech shaft. BOY WAS I RIGHT! In the short time since I have owned your shaft it has helped my game tremendously. I can't say enough about the workmanship and precision that you put into this OB-1. That alone inspires confidence. But the real proof is in the shooting. There is no doubt I am a much better player when I use a much better shaft ..(sorry Herman). I will continue to improve and enjoy this great shaft for a long time. Thanks OB.

Jerry S., Valparaiso, Indiana


"I've been using Predator cues exclusively since 2005. I went to my local billiard shop to have my tip reshaped and decided to try one of the OB cues (sneaky pete) to see what everyone was talking about. OMG! That cue was awesome!! So awesome in fact, that I purchased the OB-122 from Seybert's Billiards and received it yesterday afternoon. I couldn't wait to try it out! I played for two hours and loved every minute. I played some of my best pool! The hit and feel of the OB-1 shaft is amazing! The whole cue has a very solid, balanced feel. A GREAT PRODUCT! You guys keep makin' 'em like this and you've got a customer for life!"
Michael E., San Antonio, Texas 


"I've been playing with OB cues and shafts for around two years now.  When I first hit with the OB Classic Pro shaft, I loved it and knew I could get used to it.  The OB Classic Pro has feedback somewhere between the OB-2 and a standard maple shaft.  This gives it the best of both worlds when you consider the super-low deflection.  The high quality products paired with the absolute top-notch customer service make me proud to own OB Cues products."

Zack N., Newport News, Virgina


"I have used an OB1 before but as soon as I hit with the OB Classic Pro I knew this was 'the one' I had been waiting for. I put a Kamui Med tip on it and it has now become my 'magic wand', not just for pool, but because of it's slim design, smaller tip diameter, and low deflection, it's great for SNOOKER too!! A multi-faceted shaft in EVERY way!"

Phil C., Freehold, New Jersey


"I don't own an OB cue (yet), but recently borrowed my APA team member's OB cue for our league match when I didn't have my cue with me. I not only loved the cue but I won the match. I  now have my current cue for sale and am planning to buy an OB-125 with an OB-1 shaft very soon."

Steve S., Cupertino, California


"OB-2 Shaft on a Samsara cue is one of the best hitting shaft and butt combination.  The hit has good feedback so I can tell if I delivered a good crisp hit on the cue ball or if I stroke poorly or slightly miscue.  The low deflection helps you shoot straighter and more accurately for those times I need to really spin the cue ball into position.  I definitely recommend everyone try the OB-1 or OB-2 shafts to help take their game to the next level."

Richard W., Atlanta, Georgia


"I use OB Classic shafts on two different cues. The shaft allowed me to make shots using english with out having to worry about cue ball deflection. The cue ball follows a more 'natural' pattern making it easier to aim. Also with so many collar choices I'm able to buy a shaft to match any cue I'm currently using, so every cue hits as good as the last."

Anthony R., Columbus, Ohio


"A few years back a friend of mine had recommended trying a low-deflection shaft just for comparison. While I was skeptical that a shaft change would help my game, I picked up an original OB-1 cue shaft, mostly based on its looks, and the fact that no players in my area were using them yet. It was probably the single best decision I have ever made for my game. Along with the exceptional feel, I found the increased accuracy on thin cuts to be a big advantage. Also, the ease of pocketing balls with heavy english added a huge boost of confidence to my approach, and I found myself getting out on tough racks more and more. It has been three years, and more than a few new tips, but that same OB shaft is still helping me to play my best. Thanks OB Cues!"

Adam B., Toronto, Ontario


"I have and still use ob shafts on every cue that I own. These shafts have a nice firm hit without the annoying ping sound of other comparable shafts. I also take a great deal of pleasure in knowing where I aim is where the ball is going. I have purchased other low deflection shafts but none have held up like my ob's. I have two ob classic shafts and one extra ob schon shaft and I can say from my personal experience that they also have a uniform hit across the board. It doesn't matter which cue in my collection I choose to shoot with all I have to do is use one of my ob's and it always feels the same, solid and true. Since switching to ob shafts a few years ago I am now a customer for life."

Jeff S., North East, Maryland


"I purchased an OB break shaft a few years ago to try one out. I was very happy with the construction and performance of the shaft. The taper felt comfortable in my hands, but still stiff enough to deliver consistent power on the break. The low deflection quality allowed for forgiveness with minor misses, still smashing through the sweet spot of the rack; it became very easy to control the cue ball. I fell in love with the Samsara tip's mix of control and power, and have been using it exclusively for breaking and jumping ever since. Overall, I was very pleased with the OB break shaft and would not hesitate to purchase additional products from OB Cues. I hope to try the OB Classic shaft in the very near future."

Brandon C., Lexington, Kentucky


"I have played with Predators, Tigers, and tried many other low deflecting shafts but am sticking with the OB Classic for the benefit of having a consistent hit with excellent feedback in the sound and it's ability to move balls on the table. The OB Classic shaft I have is 12.5mm and it feels just right in the hand with OB's taper and produces excellent results when I need a feather touch, or if I'm juicing the ball to force an angle."

Dennis F., Vancouver, British Columbia


"I met a few of your crew members at the SBE. I recently tried out one your OB classic pro shaft on one of my custom cues and I love it. It immediately showed me I was not hitting center cue ball, when I thought I was, all along. I caught on quickly, adjusted and currently playing the best pool I ever played in my life. The shaft allows me to put as little or as much “stuff” on the cue ball as I need but it plays so well, I find I really don’t get out of shape that much to have to rely on the awesome spin it puts on the ball. It is nice to know it is there, if needed. I plan on outfitting all my custom cues with these shafts. I live just south of Baltimore and good friends with Rick Phillippi, who does the custom joint/ring work on the shafts. I also have your OB-1 shafts matched to a few of my cues. The classic pro is the real deal and y’all have a real winner with this shaft!"

Gerald L., Jessup, Maryland