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Rob Hall



Rob Hall

Birthday:  September 8th 1969

Birthplace:  Anchorage, Alaska

Resides:  Huntsville, Alabama

Other Sponsors:  Bumpers Billiards (of Huntsville), Brian King Custom Cues

Playing Cue:  Brian King Custom Cue with an OB Classic+ Shaft (18.5oz)

Break Cue:  OB Rift Break Cue with Rubber Grip and Speed Break Shaft (18oz)

Jump Cue:  OB Lift Pro


About Rob: 
I began playing while visiting my Aunt/Uncle as a young kid. I barely played throughout middle/highschool. I got inspired (at the casual level only) when the movie 'The Color of Money' came out. Throughout college, my buddy and I played countless all-nighters and I competed in tournaments enough to keep food in my stomach. I attended Florida State University and have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering graduating in 1993. I have been a design Engineer ever since. About 6 years ago I purchased a poolroom (Bumpers Billiards) which includes 24 Diamond Tables to support my passion for pool. I have been an APA league member for over 20 years nonstop. I am currently leading the effort in this area to help Joe Tucker get American Rotation off the ground.

Quote from Rob about OB:
The OB shaft is hands down the best shaft I’ve ever shot with!

Goals in pool:
1. To be the best player I can be while maintaining my family, career, and business.

2. To win the APA 9 Ball Singles Championship which will complete the APA cycle (in my opinion) which includes U.S. Amateur, 8 Ball Singles Championship, 9 Ball Singles Championship and Masters.


2016 APA 8 Ball Singles Champion

2006 APA 8 Ball Singles Champion

2001 U.S. Amateur Champion

2004 APA Masters Champion

2007 U.S. Amateur Runner up

2014 Alabama State Championship Runner up

2006 U.S. Amateur 4th place

2014 APA Masters 5th place

2008 U.S. Amateur 5th place

2002 U.S. Amateur 5th place