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Joe Tucker

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Joe Tucker

Playing Cue: OB-129 with an OB Pro Shaft (19oz)

Break Cue: BBKC Brown OB Break Cue (19oz)


Joe first started playing pool while serving in the US Army. Upon his completion of duty and return home he stumbled across a monthly tournament in New Bedford, Massachusetts that totally changed his life. As he stood there and watched high level pool up close and personal for the first time he immediately realized he knew nothing about pool and that something must be done about that. Joe then embarked on a journey that would see him become a dominant player in the North Eastern US pool scene as well as one of the most respected instructors and minds in the game of pool today.

Highlights of Joe's journey

1988 Starts to study the game and trains at night while working full time

1991 Wins his first of 7 Rhode Island State Championships

1992 Spends a year on the road gaining experience

1993-95 Worked as the House Pro at Rhode Island Billiards and gets back to training like an athlete

1996 Has to win a qualifier in order to compete on the Camel Pro Billiards tour (which he does)

1996-2001 Nationally ranked on Camel Pro Billiards Series

1997-2009 House Pro at Snookers Café & Billiards in Providence, Rhode Island

1999 & 2000 Joe and his wife Becky become parents to Joseph Ellsworth Tucker & Joshua Ellsworth Tucker

1999 Racking Secrets book published, a book that helped change our game forever

1999 Wins a 3 Day $5,000 Joss Tour special event “Sarah Teeter Memorial”

2000 New York Class Act State Championship

2001-2003 Stops competing full time to help direct the Joss Northeast 9 Ball Tour

2002 Airport Billiards Open Champion

2003 Viking Tour Champion New Bedford, MA

2004 Invents, patents and licenses “Aiming by the Numbers” Endorsed by Mike Massey

2005 Invents & patents the 3rd Eye Stroke Trainer

2005 #1 Ranked New England player on the Joss NE 9 Ball Tour

2006 Joss NE 9 Ball Champion Snookers, RI

2006 is born and Joe quickly becomes known as one of the top Instructors in the game.

2006 Release of Guaranteed Improvement Book & DVD

2007 Invented Tucker Laser Stroke Trainer

2007-2008 Less competing more parenting

2009 Wins the last Joss Tour event held at the original and now famous “Snookers”

2010 Like many high level pool players, Joe finally takes up golf!

2011 Racking Secrets II DVD, 10 Ball & the Break are released

2012 Inducted into New England Pool & Billiards Hall of Fame

2013 Invents the game of “American Rotation” patent pending