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Andreas Madsen

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Andreas "Matzen" Madsen

Born:  February 14th 1997

Birthplace:  Fredricksberg, Denmark

Resides:  Copenhagen, Denmark

Other Sponsors:  Kamui Tips & Chalk, Søren Søgaard, Volturi Cases

Playing Cue:  OB-133 with an OB Classic Shaft (19oz)

Break Cue:  OB original Brown Break Cue (19oz)



About Andreas: 

"I first got acquainted with pool when I was 10, playing at my local recreational club, where one of the teachers was very interested in playing pool himself. We had a 7-foot table and I would go there every day after school and play a couple of hours. I got intrigued by the game and its many dimensions and later on I started playing in a club with 7 tables and I still come there from time to time. "

Quote from Andreas about OB:

Best product I’ve tried thus far in my career. Both break cue and playing cue are truly fitting for me and my style.

Goals in pool:

 “To become World Champion


2nd place European 9-ball Championships Juniors 2015

1st place Danish 8-ball Championships Men 2014

8 x Danish Junior Champion multiple disciplines

1st place European 9-ball Championships Juniors 2012

2nd place Danish Men championship 10-ball & 14-1

2nd place European 10-Ball Championships Juniors 2012

3rd place European 8-ball Championships Juniors 2013

5th place European 10-Ball Championships for Men 2014

9th place 2012 World Junior Championships.