OB Shaft Re-Tipping Instructions

When re-tipping an OB shaft, you should leave the carbon fiber pad in place and just replace the tip itself. You can purchase the pads on our website in the accessory section HERE

To clean off the glue and excess tip material, it isn’t necessary to cut away part of the carbon fiber pad with the lathe tool.

Face or cut away the excess tip and glue until you are close to the pad, but not cutting into it and then use a box cutter blade or carpet knife blade to scrape away the remaining tip and glue residue. To do this, extend the tip a few inches out from the lathe chuck and secure it for turning. With the shaft spinning, hold the blade flat or parallel with the floor and the cutting edge facing the end of the shaft. Some like to support the blade on the lathe tool while doing this. Bring the edge of the blade flat into the spinning face of the shaft. It will scrape away all of the remaining tip and glue residue.

Lightly sand the pad with 220 grit paper to create a good surface for the glue to adhere to.

Glue on the tip using your normal procedures. Gel type CA, or Cyanoacrylate adhesive is best for this application (super glue).

Trim and shape the tip just like you would for any other shaft. Make sure that all cuts, whether they be with lathe tools or a hand held blade, should be made from right to left, or towards the lathe chuck. Cutting away from the lathe chuck, or “off the end” of the shaft can loosen the Carbon Fiber pad and cause it to come off later.

A note about the Carbon Fiber Pad:

The carbon fiber tip pad that is used on all OB Shafts is not the normal vulcanized fiber pad that has been used under tips for years. Our pad is actually carbon fiber composite, very similar to that which is used in the aerospace industry. We machine them from sheets into the small circles we use on our cues. As far as we know, we are the only one making them, so if your cuesmith didn’t get them from OB, then odds are they aren’t carbon fiber. Our pads won’t soften the hit like the vulcanized paper pads will. Their primary purpose is to keep the ferrule from spreading or mushrooming. As long as an OB Shaft has a carbon fiber pad between the tip and the ferrule, We will guarantee the ferrule for life. Replacement carbon fiber pads are available in our accessories section.