OB Shaft Carbon Fiber Pad Replacement

You can purchase the pads on our website in the accessory section HERE

Occasionally, it may become necessary to replace the carbon fiber pad between the tip and ferrule. The pad is a special piece and is only available from OB.

The old pad can be machined away with a conventional carbide lathe tool.

If the previous tip and pad came off prior to being cut off, it may have taken some of the center core material with it. If so, and it left any small areas open, these can be filled with 5 minute epoxy. After the epoxy has cured, face it off until you expose the surface of the ferrule and tenon.

Lightly sand one side of the pad with 220 to give it a good surface for the CA to adhere to.

Install the carbon fiber pad to the end of the shaft with CA and press in place. Hand pressure is fine as the CA will cure in a few seconds.  Don’t trim the diameter of the pad at this time. Wait and cut it with the tip once it has been installed. Lightly sand the face of the carbon fiber pad, and glue the tip in place with CA.

Trim the tip and carbon fiber pad together down to the diameter of the ferrule. Make sure to use carbide tooling as the carbon fiber is very hard. Always move the tool from right to left, or towards the lathe chuck. Cutting away form the lathe chuck can loosen the carbon fiber pad and cause the pad to come off later.