OB Cue Weight Adjustment

Adjusting the weight of your OB Cue is a very simple process.

You will need a couple of things to get started:

  • A scale of some kind to weigh the cue.
  • A 1/4″ Allen wrench long enough to reach the bolts, about 8″.
  • An assortment of weights. We use 1/2-13 Allen head set screws.

Please note that you can purchase an OB cue weight kit on our website HERE

First, of course, you need to weigh your cue. You will need to measure down to “tenths” of an ounce, or one decimal place. Determine if you want to add weight or take it away, and add to or change the weights accordingly. The weights can be removed and installed with the Allen wrench. Weights can be stacked to achieve the desired weight. Always screw the weight in until it gets tight, or bottoms out on the weight below it. Never leave the weights “floating” and not bottomed in an attempt to alter the balance point of the cue. Leaving weights loose can cause them to damage the threads in the butt of your cue, which may make it impossible to get them out.

Feel free to adjust the weight of your cue to your preference. Keep in mind that the threads in the back of your cue are wood and they can be stripped or worn out.