Care and Repairs

Below are some links that have instructions to help you care for your OB Cue or OB shaft.

Find someone to work on your OB Shaft

Replacing the tip on your OB Shaft

Carbon Fiber Pad Replacement

Ferrule Replacement

Shaft Cleaning and Conditioning

Cue weight adjustment

If you need to return your cue or shaft to OB, then please complete our Product Return Form and include it in your package.

Our shipping address is:

OB Cues
961 N Ave
Suite 700
Plano, TX 75074

Packaging suggestions:

If you need to return your cue or shaft to us for repair or for a warranty issue, please consider the following recommendations for packaging.

  1. Wrap your cue or shaft in either foam wrap or bubble wrap to protect it from bumps, dents, and scratches. Don’t build up the wrapping so much that the cue or shaft is “tight” inside the box. Doing so could cause the cue shaft to be “Bent” if the package or box is bent during shipping.
  2. Please don’t use “Packaging Popcorn” or “Packaging Peanuts” style of packaging. These products will not protect your cue or cue shaft, and they are MESSY! We really don’t like them.
  3. Don’t pack the cue or shaft “Tight” inside the box. Long narrow boxes or tubes are very often caught in the shipping machinery at the depot and the boxes are slightly “bent”. If your shaft or cue is tight, then it too will be “Bent” which is damage and not a matter for warranty. If the shaft is properly padded, and still has room to move inside the box, then the box can bend a little and not bend the cue or shaft inside.
  4. The best package is the triangular “tube” offered by most carriers. USPS triangular tubes are the only exception to this. They are not strong enough to give proper protection.
  5. Always include the product return form inside the box with your product being returned. Without this form, your return will not be processed.
  6. You must provide insurance for your product when you ship it.