Now accepting orders for OB Fusion Shafts

Wood Ferrules will be a $30 upgrade. Please call to place your order for a wood ferrule upgrade.

Please note that many of the new OB FUSION shafts are still be added to the website so if your preferred choice is not available yet, it will be in the next day or so. If you don’t see the option that you want, then please email us at and we will make sure it is available for you.

Pool Cue Shafts have evolved dramatically over the last 25 years and OB has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies and advancements in high performance pool cues and pool cue shafts……Introducing: OB Shafts with Carbon Fiber Core!

Everyone and their brother now offers a carbon fiber shaft because carbon fiber has some very desirable properties that work perfectly in pool. Specifically, carbon fiber is very stiff and very light. For the last 12 months we have watched many companies introduce carbon fiber shafts and we have listened to feedback from players who have used them. Despite the many great advantages these shafts offer, they lack 3 very important things that most players still desire: They don’t look like wood, they don’t sound like wood and they don’t feel like wood. This is no longer the case.

What have we done?

On the inside there is a shaft that is fabricated from unidirectional carbon fiber. The unidirectional layers are oriented to provide high bending stiffness and axial strength, as well as high hoop strength (resistance to crushing from a side load). Your shaft will feel super stiff, which is a good thing!

On the outside there is a shaft that is meticulously crafted from seasoned AA Grade Hard Maple. This is the highest quality maple that we have ever used in an OB shaft. The carbon fiber shaft is carefully placed inside the maple shaft and then bonded using a 2 part 3M epoxy developed specifically for a perfect marriage between carbon fiber and maple.

The end result? A pool cue shaft that is as close to perfect as we can possibly make.

  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
  • AA Grade Hard Maple
  • White Ferrule
  • Stock Tiger Everest tip
  • Other Tip Options Available
  • Available in 12.8mm, 12.3mm, 11.8mm
  • Almost every joint type offered
  • Lowest Deflecting OB Shafts Ever Produced
  • 100% Lifetime warranty against warpage
  • Proudly Made in Texas in the US
  • Wood Ferrules are a $30 upgrade
  • Please call to order shafts with Wood Ferrules.